1/24 scale Group Build

SFTPMS members spearheaded by Brian P. have initiated a 24 scale "Wacky but True" group build and some interested subjects have taken wings. The main section in the forum is in this link

Among the subjects in the forum pages build logs are:

Mk 1 Hawker Hurricane by "Mr B"

Curtis P-40 Warhawk by "landyshah"

Junker Ju 87-B Stuka by "druid_99"

P-51D Mustang by "Blackheart"

Me109 by "rtfoe"

MkVI Spitfire by "Bud Bilko"

Tomahawk Mk1 by "masterqq"

N1K2a-ja Shinden M21 by "ari"

Me 109G-10 by "mojimbo"

Hurricane Mk IIC by "rmcboy"

Gr3 Harrier by "ckloo"

see you at the finish line....