SFTPMS Workshop08 series#1: GUNDAMS!

The first of the 2008 Workshop series was kicked off last Sunday at Cineleisure Outpost. "Gundams!" was presented by BAKUC 2007 Champion TK Ting and Ray Loke, 2nd runner up of the 2008 mid year Gundam Championship.

SFTPMS was proud to kick off the workshop series on 29th June 2008, with invited guest TK Ting and Ray Loke.  The presenters were candid and gladly answered questions by the attendees, many of which were curious of the inner workings of making prize winning Gundams and also on the dos and don'ts of Modelling Gundams. More than 20 participants turned up for the workshop.


First off, TK, gave a frank talk on Gundam modelling in general and also an inside look into modelling Gundams for BAKUC competitions. He also gave some valuable tips on judging criterias and critical points to all who were interested to participate in future competitions. He stressed on looking into the judging criteria in all the competition forms and also to ensure that all who participate have fun in the process. A Works in Progress was shown to attendees including a crash course in scratchbuilding adaptions with casting and placard construction.  TK wrapped up the first session with a short demonstration of cutting placard accurately and also an introduction to available accessories in the market that he uses.


In the second session, Ray gladly introduced his secret stash of diorama making equipments and materials, including some description on weathering methods using salt and aftermarket products. Not discounting the sponge that he "stole from mom", he advised participants on the need to respect scale and later wrapped up the session with a frank run through of his entry winning diorama, highlighting the areas which needed improvement and areas which were complementary to the title of the piece.


SFTPMS expresses our sincere gratitude to the presenters and also to MyScififan, Outpost, who once again provided us the venue to hold our workshop. A word of thanks goes out to E-Toys as well who graciously sponsored some door gifts to the early birds.