• Written by CP Tan
  • Category: Figures

Bukit Kepong [Part 2]

This is the 2nd part (of 3) of this wonderful vignette by CP Tan in the artists' own words.

  • Written by CK Tang
  • Category: Diorama

Senoi Praaq: The Silent Heroes

It's a small dio based loosely on the Senoi Praaq, a secretive elite unit formed during the Emergency to combat CT and beat them in their own element, the jungle. Little is known about this unit although there is a book written about them and apparently Chin Peng was quoted as they were the only unit his men truly feared. The were made up of men from several Orang Asli tribes.

  • Written by CP Tan
  • Category: Figures

Bukit Kepong [Part 1]

This is a Step by Step article of the Bukit Kepong vignette by CPTan which was featured in our National Daily during the Merdeka 2007 MGB07 event.

  • Written by Brian "Mr B" Param, Aidy Abdullah, Thomas Ng
  • Category: Aircraft

Malaysian Tigers




Following the retirement of the Sabre jets (donated by RAAF), RMAF purchased 14 F-5E and 2 F-5B from USAF for its air force in mid 70s. The aircraft were delivered using the Lockheed Galaxy C-5 from USA.

  • Written by Thomas "MasterQQ" Ng
  • Category: Sci-Fi / Fantasy

1/72 Hasegawa VF-1A Valkyrie

This is my first Hasegawa's VF-1A. Got this kit 2nd hand from a friend with the cockpit done, and I continue the rest of the build.

  • Written by Nazaruddin Hashim, Brian Param, Aidy Abdullah, Thomas Ng, Mazlan Yusof
  • Category: Aircraft

Skyhawk Saga

Under the Perista scheme, the Malaysian government purchased a mixture of 88 A-4C and A-4Ls from the United States. These aircraft were refurbished by Grumman Aerospace in the U.S and redesignated the A-4 PTM or Peculiar to Malaysia. A total of 40 odd aircraft made its way from the states to Malaysia in the eighties to fly with 6 and 9 squadrons of the RMAF. The main role was ground attack and support flight.

  • Written by CK Loo
  • Category: AFV / Armour

Trumpeter 1:35 KV2

The Trumpeter KV2 kit received a lot of praises when it hit the stores due to its good details and the best reason of all, value for money. With this in mind, I started to quickly put it to the test and was well pleased with the kit.