• Written by Super User

DUKW in Malaya

This is Mohd Shaharul bin KN Zain's rendition of the versatile DUKW which saw service in Malaya during the pre independence period. All text and pictures by Mohd Shah

Malaya DUKW

This is an additional display for the Merdeka 2009 collection, completed by our very own Loh Peng Yeow.

Tamiya 1:35 Russian T55A tank

This is the first part of the build log for the Tamiya T55A russian tank upgraded with the Lion Roar PE set.

  • Written by CK Loo

Trumpeter 1:35 KV2

The Trumpeter KV2 kit received a lot of praises when it hit the stores due to its good details and the best reason of all, value for money. With this in mind, I started to quickly put it to the test and was well pleased with the kit.

  • Written by Jason Koh

Malaysian Infantry Fighting Vehicle MIFV (KIFV K-200 CONVERSION)

Malaysia’s Infantry Fighting Vehicle (MIFV) played an important role as part of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Bosnia.

The MIFV is derived from the Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle, KIFV or otherwise known as the K-200.