1/35 Academy Panzer IV Ausf H

This is Academy's 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf H.

Construction begins by adding zimmerit to the hull and priming with Mr. Surfacer. Zimmerit was applied using AFV’s zimmerit applicator and the zimmerit paste is from 2 part bondite epoxy putty. This is followed by partial assembly of the turret. The fit of the hull is not good at all. There is a big gap at the rear that will take a good amount of filler to close. Also, this kit was made to be motorized. Hence, a couple of holes in the side of the hull for battery place holders. These will have to be filled too.


After construction of the turret, the whole vehicle is primed ready for a paintjob.


The wheels were also primed and the tyres and hubs were airbrushed free hand without using masking tools.


The initial base coat and camouflage is applied.


The decals are placed and an oil wash is applied.


Weathering with chip marks using acryllics and rust stains using oils are added. Using thin applications of Tamiya buff, some light dusting and rain marks is applied.


Final product after applying another round of washes, fadings, and weathering pastels.