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Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR3 [Part 1]

The Harrier jumpjet has always fascinated me when I was a young boy in the late 70s. This was a plane like no other, performing amazing acrobats in mid air like no other, due to its VTOL capability and jet design arrangement. Today, it still has a special place in my modelling heart. The ultimate Harrier kit still remains the 1/24 scale Airfix giant. Though a bit dated in terms of details and coming a little short in terms of accuracy and fit, the kit still packed a wallop when it came to size and sheer impact.

Conversion of a Mirage IIIC to a IIIE

I was playing with the idea to convert one of the new tooled Mirage IIIC kits to a Mirage IIIE for some time. I finally did something about it during my last 3-month work assignment rotation to the Middle East last February. For the conversion, I dug up my Italeri Mirage IIIE from my stash and bought a Hobbyboss IIIC to kit bash. I have the Eduard kit as well but decided it was better to use the cheaper more available HB kit instead.

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Bolton Paul Defiant Mk1

Chew Eng Hui's Bolton Paul Defiant Mk1 build is featured here.

  • Written by Imran 'Druid99' Zulkifli

Academy 1/72 F2H-3 "Banshee"

The name Banshee comes from a Celtic mythological she-demon where when the wailing of the banshee was heard, it was a harbinger of death. Despite the terrible creature this plane was named upon, it is actually a beautiful jet fighter. The F2H "Banshee" was a military carrier-based jet fighter aircraft used by the United States Navy from 1948 to 1959. 250 F2H-3 were built.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

Nakajima Ki 43-I Hayabusa (OSCAR)

This entry details the build of the Hasegawa 1:48 scale Nakajima Ki43-I HAYABUSA (OSCAR) of the Japanese Army in World War 2 donning the colours of the 64th Sentai, 1st Chutai plane piloted by Major Tateo Kato in the early days of the Malaya invasion campaign.

Eduard Fokker DVIIF (1:48) Goering

This kit was completed in time for a recent group build organised in conjunction with a relocation of a local hobby shop.

  • Written by Jason Cheah / Thomas Ng / Mohd Amzari "Musang Pulut"

Hornet Nest !!

In 1993, TUDM made a split order of Mig-29N and F/A-18D role as part of the TUDM modernization program. The Hornet was selected as Maritime Strike Fighter to fulfill strike and interdiction missions complementing the Fulcrums on Air to Air role.

Academy 1/72 Fiseler Storch

This is a pictorial compilation of Richard Foenander's excellent 1/72 Academy Storch build as featured in the forum here

  • Written by Thomas 'Masterqq' Ng

1/72 Hasegawa F-20

Kit: Hasegawa F-20
Decal: Kit + VFA + Scalenutz

I wanted to build a what if TUDM Maritime strike aircraft What in RMAF No.11 Sqn outfit.. the weapon load include a single Harpoon on the bally and 2 winders on the wing tips. Other stuff added including IRP and chaff dispenser taken from other's F-5 kit.

Airfix Westland Whilrlwind

This is a pictoral compilation of Chew Eng Hui's Westland Whirlwind (1:72) build which was discussed at length in the forum at this link

  • Written by Thomas 'Massterqq' Ng

1/72 Heller Mirage IIIE

This kit was build OOB, some modification done include,  I rescribed the raise panel line on the whole kit, the kit's instrument panel came in blank and Heller did not provide any decal for the panel, so I added some dials with plastic cards and. I also added more detail on the  e jection seat with 2  Miliput.

Tamiya 1:32 Phantom F-4C

This article is a compilation of the build log for the Tamiya 1:32 scale F-4C kit with the addition of the BlackBox resin kit with Fox One decals to complete Col. Robin Old's fighter jet at Operation Bolo. This build was competed for the 50th Anniversary of the Phantom II Exhibition organised by F-4dablemodels and Hobby HQ in May 2008 recently. The full build log can be revisited at the forum section here .