F16C Falcon

This article is contributed by Wong Kwong Yan detailing his fantastic built of the Academy 48 scale F-16C.

Words and pictures by the author himself.

  • Written by Super User

Pacific Buffalo

This is a box review and a summarised build review for Tamiya's rereleased Buffalo, now doning South East Asia battle colours

  • Written by Thomas “Masterqq” Ng

1/48 Monogram Hurricane Mk.IIb

This is another of my “WWII in Malaya" build. This is a Hurricane Mk IIB stationed in RAF Seletar in Singapore. The Hurricanes arrived in Singapore in January 1942, and were too late to stop the Japanese advance in Malaya and they were soon withdrawn to Sumatra.

The is the old Monogram kit, the mold dating back to 1968. This is a raised line kit and came with a zillion of raised rivets on the wings. I rescribe the line on the fuselage and leave the wing rivets alone.

This kit came with a lot of goodies; tropicalised air filter which is needed for the Singapore based Hurricane, and a wide selection of weapons including 20mm & 40mm cannons, rockets and bombs.


The part fit was pretty good despite the age of the mold, however the office is almost non-existence, just a pilot stick to the wall. I added a seat from the Tamiya’s Buffalo kit and some side wall detail. This is by no mean accurate but with the canopy closed, there is nothing much that can be seen anyway. The wheel bay design is for workable landing gear, so it is empty. I also added some plastic card to close it.

Camo painting is done with Gunze RAF colors; Dark Earth and Dark Green, and a lighter tone of the basic colors + white was spray for panel toning effect, and belly was painted with Tamiya sky. Decals taken from kits and the serial number is custom printed.

For weathering, I did a black enamal wash, followed by the paint chips done by using silver pen...finally a layer of matt coat to seal everything.


Photo & text by Thomas Ng

  • Written by Brian "Mr B" Param, Aidy Abdullah, Thomas Ng

Malaysian Tigers




Following the retirement of the Sabre jets (donated by RAAF), RMAF purchased 14 F-5E and 2 F-5B from USAF for its air force in mid 70s. The aircraft were delivered using the Lockheed Galaxy C-5 from USA.

  • Written by Jason Koh

Tamiya 1/48 Brewster Buffalo (Pacifiic)

This is Tamiya's 1/48 Pacific Brewster Buffalo. I hoped to depict an aircraft from 21st Squadron RAAF based in Sungai Petani, Malaya 1941.


  • Written by Nazaruddin Hashim, Brian Param, Aidy Abdullah, Thomas Ng, Mazlan Yusof

Skyhawk Saga

Under the Perista scheme, the Malaysian government purchased a mixture of 88 A-4C and A-4Ls from the United States. These aircraft were refurbished by Grumman Aerospace in the U.S and redesignated the A-4 PTM or Peculiar to Malaysia. A total of 40 odd aircraft made its way from the states to Malaysia in the eighties to fly with 6 and 9 squadrons of the RMAF. The main role was ground attack and support flight.

  • Written by Jason Koh

1/48 Hasegawa F-4J VF-92 Silver Kite 211


Here's Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F-4J with Fox One's VF-92 Silver Kite 211 decals.

This bird recently took part in a recently concluded F-4 Phantom II 50th Anniversary Group Build event.

  • Written by Super User

Academy 1/48 Spitfire FR Mk XIV E

Jason Koh of SFTPMS detailed this build log of Academy's 1/48 Spitfire FR Mk XIV E. This aircraft took part in SFTPMS's SMM07 Single Propeller Aircraft event.