1/72 Academy Catalina RAF RAF W8417

This is the Academy 1/72 scale Catalina flying boat made in RAF colours over the skies of Malaya in WW2.

W8417 MkII RAF Catalina was significantly the first casualty of the war in WW2 Malaya 

As very little photograph exist of the Malaya Catalina, some mix and match of information was necessary to assume the camouflage and serial patterns of the Catalina flying boats in Malaya.

This was strictly an Out of the Box adventure with some minor additions in the form of guiding canvas bags while taxing in the waters and some rigging to complete the look. Paints were entirely Gunze Mr Color with oil washes. The wing roundels were mask painted while the fuselage roundels were aftermarket. Serials were handwritten while the plane codes where masked and airbrushed.

For more info you can go to the 1942MALAYA blog here


text and pictures by CK Loo