1/48 Hasegawa F-4J VF-92 Silver Kite 211


Here's Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F-4J with Fox One's VF-92 Silver Kite 211 decals.

This bird recently took part in a recently concluded F-4 Phantom II 50th Anniversary Group Build event.

Construction began as usual with the cockpit. First up were the ejection seats and I had thought that they were too plain and could have some more details to better represent a MB ejection seat. I started the re-work by cutting the seat backing and head rest into two and built it up with bondite epoxy putty from there. The seat belts were from epoxy putty and the buckles were made from paper coated with super glue. Miscellaneous wirings were from copper and brass wires.



After finishing the seats, I decided to add some detailing to the cockpit especially the area between the Pilot /RIO and the area back of the RIO. Stuff added were the instrument panel plugs at the rear of the RIO's instrument panel and also the bunch of messy cables that leads to and from there there. The cables were made from thinly rolled bondite epoxy putty and gently laid into position, taking care not to cover the holes for the canopy actuators to plug in. I finish with the cockpit by adding a  throttle quadrant which unfortunately the kit does not provide.

Once the cockpit is done, the fuselage is sealed up and the main construction begins. This went relatively well except for some fit issues with the radome and also the intakes whereby there were steps of up to 0.5mm which had to be dealt with for a smooth fit. After getting everything to fit together, the lost details were rescribed and the finished product was given a coat of Mr. Surfacer primer to see if any flaws still remain.

Image Image 

For this build, I used Tamiya, Gunze and Model Master paints. The primary base coat were Gunze 16440 Light gull grey for the upper side and Gunze FS17875 white for the lower side. As neither the Fox One decal sheet nor the kit provided black walkways and anti-glare panels, I masked these and sprayed the area with Tamiya Flat Black. The wing tips and tail tip were painted in Model Master FS33538 insignia yellow. 

After the basecoat, I applied a gloss coat in preparation for the decalling process. The Fox One decals went on smoothly without issues. Once all decals were on, I gave the bird another coat of clear for the washes and post shading that is to follow. Once that was done, a final semi gloss finish was applied and left to dry.

Image Image 

Once the base coat had dried, I fixed all the miscellaneous bits like the landing gears, doors, weapons, canopies, etc. and the bird was done, just in time for the F-4 Group Build event.

An enjoyable build all the way.

Photos and text by Jason Koh