Highlighting the works of landyshah @ shah

In this 2nd article highlighting the selected works of SFTPMS members, we welcome shah @ landyshah with his enormous appetite for all things plastic and tobbacco laced.

In his own words, shah describes his humble beginnings and also what SFTPMS brought to him:

"I think my interest in modelling came out of my liking for anything to do with machines and history. I started this hobby back in the late 70's, growing up on Airfix and MAtchbox which was the most common at the time. I was active throughout my school years, but slowed down during uni and when i started working. However, I kept on buying, and soon the stash piled up and output dropped. In early 2000, I decided to restart everything by clearing off a lot of kits and focussing on building.

Getting to know about SFTPMS was great as it allowed me to meet many fellow modellers and share experiences with them. I know I have a long way to learn and improve, but thats what makes this hobby so fun.

My favourite subject matter is small ships and planes in big scale, and sometimes AFV/SCi Fi for variety".

 when he is not modelling

Like what a certain Space Ranger would say, with his wide interest, its modelling "to infinity and beyond" for shah.

 Here is a sample of his recent works.


Article by CK Loo with kind permission from landyshah