Malaya DUKW

This is an additional display for the Merdeka 2009 collection, completed by our very own Loh Peng Yeow.

Loh chose this Italeri kit for the all in the box and out of the box build as his contribution to the annual event. The canvas cover was omitted and complimented with some wire framing instead.

The painting and finishing of the kit was sort of an introductory move for him in trying out techniques using hair gel for the chipped paint effect, applying Futures before washes are done using water colours dilluted in dish washing soap and some effects with dry brushing.

Intending to finish the kit off in a diorama setting later, this will be a welcomed addition to fill the void of the collection of models potraying Malaysia's path to independence.


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Article by CK Loo with photos by Loh PY

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