Trumpeter 1:35 KV2

The Trumpeter KV2 kit received a lot of praises when it hit the stores due to its good details and the best reason of all, value for money. With this in mind, I started to quickly put it to the test and was well pleased with the kit.


The construction of the kit was simple and straighforward with not much of a surprise in both the sequence and fit. Overall, there is some minor flash to content with on the wheels and gun turret and some sink marks to take care of in the individual linked tracks. Some minor pointer is that the grip of the turret ring is fiddly and tend to break easy. So be careful when fitting it to the hull. There is also a minor issue on the see through effect underneath the gun cowling but this is only evident on an acute angle. Purist may wish to hollow out the ait intake grilles but being an out of the box built, I left that intact. A bit of care is also needed for the skirt support bracket as it tends to be thin and breaks easily. ( You might just spot where I broke them in the pictures!). As there is a single piece track as an option, this was not used as I wanted to give a realistic track sag. Some care is needed in the sequence to plan the painting and construction of the tracks and wheel as fitting the skirts will cause some problems in the painting process


The turret was stipled with some 500 Gunze primer to enhance the cast effect before the model received a base prime Tamiya semi gloss black to enhance the shadows.  A coat of Tamiya dark green and Gunze Russian green (early) was airbrushed to give a light top, dark bottom approach and in a preshading method where panel lines are kept darker compared to the middle of panes. After a coat of Futures, the decals went on well with some Gunze marksofter. After another layer of futures, a compulsory coat of turpentine oil wash was applied with W&N Burnt Umber and Lap Black.


After the wash was sufficiently dry, pigment washes was applied with grinded down pastel sticks dilluted in water. This was applied heavy handed at the tracks and after drying, any extra can be easily flicked off with a stiff brush.  A series of different shades were used to simulate dust, dirt stains and rust including applying rain streaks and rust streaks.


thanks for viewing