Tamiya 1:35 Russian T55A tank

This is the first part of the build log for the Tamiya T55A russian tank upgraded with the Lion Roar PE set.

Tamiya's T55a Russian Tank kit was well received when it was released many years back. The quality of the details and fit was true to Tamiya's standard and the kit came together very easily.

The construction sequence was very predictably starting from the wheels and tracks and moving up to completion at the turret. A choice of 4 different markings and turret details was provided and for this build I opted for the standard Russian T55A turret with AA gun attachement.

There is no major issue with the kit except for some minor cleanup and sanding which is to be expected. The wheels were stressed with scapel cuts and sanding to simulate wear while a slight heating of the front fender and rear mud guard was needed to give them a knock or two. The details on the stowage and tool boxes needed no enhancement (none was provided anywhere in the LR PE set) while the AA gun was superbly detailed. A quick drill with a pin vise provided the barrel hole. Tamiya does not provide any clear parts for the lenses which is a shame as most other manufacturer's give that as a standard nowadays.

LR's PE set gave an added eye candy to the rear fuel drums which was quite daunting as the rolling of the flat PE to make the drum was incomplete to fit the circumference of the drum. A bit of tape had to be added to complete the circle while some dilluted Gunze putty is required to fill in all the gaps and holes aound the drum covers which did not match the rings in size consistency. Despite that, once completed, the drums looked a lot better than Tamiya's existing drum which was a little underdetailed.

The LR set also enhances the engine deck grille, exhaust shroud and turret attachements.

The vinyl tracks seemed a little short to provide sag and if enhancement is required, a set of Fruilmodel tracks will give it an added edge.


Part 2 will detail the painting and weathering of the tank. That should proceed after a few scratchbuilt parts are added especially on electrical wires, clamps, etc which were no included in the kit nor PE set.

Prepared by Loo Chee Keong