Japanese Blitzkrieg Malaya WW2

This diorama of the Japanese Invasion of Malaya in 1941 depicts a typical scene across the Malayan Peninsular in Dec 1941.

The thorough planning of the Japanese invasion force in Malaya 1941, saw the Japanese army moving with relative ease along the trunkroad joining the north and south of the Malayan Peninsular. When bridges where blown up, the Japanese relied on either transported bicycles or commissioned bicycles from the locals to put the pressure on the retreating British army.

This diorama consists of the Tamiya Japanese figures, bicycle (with LionRoar PE) and the Fine Molds Ha-Go tanks set on the edge of a demolished bridge. The soldiers pushing and riding the bicycles were modified from existing Tamiya soldiers while the tank was built out of the box.


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Pics and text: CK Loo

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