DML 1/35 German Fallschirmjager Monte Cassino [Part 1]

Here's some pictures of a German Fallschirmjager from the DML Monte Cassino 1944 figure set.

This figure is one out of four and depicts the guy just about to lob his grenade at the enemy. Fitting is okay and needed just a little bit of filler at the joints. Seams are present on the hands, body and legs so some clean up is required here. 

The base in the pictures is temporary until I figure out a suitable locale to place him in. 


The remaining three figures have various dynamic poses with one of them in the midst of reloading his rifle, another aiming down the sight of his MG and with the last one lying on the ground firing away at the enemy. Currently, these guys are still on the sprues until I get around to doing them. 




And just for fun, here's one of the pictures as shown above but in sepia tone.