Young Miniature 1/10 Roman Cavalry Bust by Jason Koh

This is a record of the works appearing in the early forum pages of the excellent Young Miniature bust by Jason Koh

The colours used are from the Vallejo (VMC) and Citadel (CTDL) range of acrylic paints.

Inner shirt and sash is VMC pale blue highlighted with off white & shadowed with black.

Cape and top knot is MC red highlighted with sunny skin tone & shadowed with german camo brown (add black for deepest shadow). Top knot has a little more brown for a slighter darker shade.

Armor is CTDL mix of chainmail. bolt gunmetal, mithril silver. Mithril silver for highlight and blacks for shadows.

Gold is CTDL shining gold highlighted with shining gold (+1 mithril silver) and shadowed with scorched earth ( add black for deepest shadow).

Leather is VMC leather brown highlighted with orange brown and shadowed with black. Final glaze with burnt cadmium maroon.

Text and pictures with thanks to Jason Koh.