Bukit Kepong [Part 3]

This is the final part by CP Tan from the three-parter

This is the first fully painted and assembled figure - 'the fallen'

Note the small badge on the hat, although I've failed to sculpt the "crossing keris" in the center of the badge (too small), But I think I'm happy with the overall effect. And the wound (BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!!!) is gloss coated.

And this this the gunner's uniform and head also fully painted but not assembled yet. I've taken Allan Yong's advise to apply stronger contrast and smoothen the transition on the highest highlight and the mid tone...


My favourite; the fully completed BREN machine gun (less then 3 inches long)


Although I don't quite like the Einfield Lee rifle I've scratchbuild since first started, but it turn out as a surprise to me after painting and weathering.


This is the final outcome.


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