1/35 German Panzer Grenadier

This is MasterBox's 1/35 scale German Panzer Grenadier.

The box set comes with four figures plus individual weapons and accessories all in one sprue. A small decal sheet is provided in a little zip lock bag.

This particular soldier consists of 6 parts comprising head, torso, left and right arms/legs. Fit is okay, only requiring minor filler at the joints. There is some flash that needs removing. Also, the arms and legs have mould lines running up the length of the part and these need to be sanded/scrapped off.

Minor issue with the head is that the helmet strap has no width. Rather, it starts at the cheek and leads all the way round to the back of the ears. To fix this, I carved out a portion of the area in front the ears thereby giving the straps a measure of width and depth.


The decals provided are for the insignia's. The eagle mark on the helmet is provided in two options i.e. one single layer decal and the other in two separate layers (black background underlay & the white eagle overlay). The single layer marking is slightly off register with obvious carrier. I trimmed the carrier before applying the decal onto the helmet. The decal didn't react to applications of Mr. Mark Setter. Despite being stiff and off register, the decal is not completely unusable.

Paints used were a mix of Vallejo, Gunze and Tamiya paints.