Verlinden 200mm Roman Bust [Part 2]

Here's my painted Roman Tribune Bust. I've use a mix media of Humbrol, Tamiya Acrylic and water-base poster color.

Yes, U heard me right, water-base poster color (water color to be exact local manufactured brand BUNCHO)... similar to those use by kids in the school.

The main reason I'm using poster color is merely because I've run out of Humbrol color such as red and flesh and I wanted to test new (cheap) media.

Overall the bust was coated with Humrol paint. Then a thin coat of Tamiya acrylic (2 paint : 8 water). The acrylic coat is just to make the kit's surface matt or "rough" so it can take water color on it.

The face and cloak was painted with poster color but the armor plate and helmet were base coat with humbrol gloss black, then coats of Humbrol polished aluminium repeating strokes with brush to produce the chrome effects... lastly oil black and Humbrol polished metal to add shades.

The face and cloak were painted with poster color. I've to say that blending shades using water-base poster color (water color) is totally different from using acrylic or oil-base paint (Humbrol)... Oil-base paint I'm using "stabbing" motion to blend different hilight and shades. acrylic I apply layers and layers to create these... But with water color, I just simply apply several strokes in between the 2 colors with wet brush... the 2 colors will blend by itself (being water-base).

Conclusion: I'm quite happy with the effect of the water-based poster color although the pigment are rough and not as tiny as commercial acrylic. But to me it works well for painting large area such as cloak or face of bust. I'll surely explore them further on 120mm figures.

Since the beginning of this year till now, I've been having fun painting and sculpting several subjects on my free choice. I enjoy them very much. After painting this Roman Bust, I presume I should "settle down" for some "proper" stuff which relates to our local modelling activities such as the "Merdeka group build 2008 show" (Malaysia Independant celebration" which is conduct by our local modelling club.

Will keep u guys posted.


Note the chrome effect on the helmet


Side view


Top view shows the fold of the cloak


The face


here and


The armor and the sculpted lion head... Note the tessels wer painted matt due to they're not supposed to be metal.


As usual, comment and critics are welcome.

Happy modelling,

Image & Text by CP Tan