1/72 Hasegawa VF-1A Valkyrie

This is my first Hasegawa's VF-1A. Got this kit 2nd hand from a friend with the cockpit done, and I continue the rest of the build.

The assembly process started with all the sub assembly per the instruction. Parts fit on the legs was not very good, so lots of putty and sanding there.  The canopy have a parting line right from the middle, It was scrub with the back of the N0.11 blade then sanded smooth with #600 and #1200 sand paper finally seal with Future. 

After the sub assembly, all the panel line were pre-shade with black. Then I over spray everything with Gunze white base. This give me a nice pre-shading effect.


l Interior Surface were spray with Tamiya Dark Gray, and I cover the whole external surface with Gunze H316 per the kit's instruction. I used Gunze Black and Red on the vertical Tails. After all the paint dry, I coated everything with a layer of future and prepare for decal.


The kit's decals including the red and black strips was on next, the decal is kinda brittle and break easily, I will mask and spray instead for my next build.

After decal, a panel line wash with Tamiya Enamel German Grey.


For weathering, I used 2B pencil, and I discover an easy way to do the wing swept stain. It was done under 2 min..

First, I swept the wing inward to the max, then I masked the area that I do not want the stain on using the fuselage as the guide. Next, swept the wing open to then max and use 2B pencil to draw line to the direction of the wing sweep, Use cotton bud to bland in all the pencil line... remove the mask and woola.. it is done..and the best thing is if it goes SNAFU on you, just use your dua Kupang rubber to rub it off...:)