This is my first Gundam diorama, I always have soft spot for special force subject, I wanted to crate a jungle setting diorama with some Gundam kits, the basic idea is around a Freddie special force recon MS team heading up river passing by a team of LSSC crews. The LSSC crews were in awe with the mighty MS, one of them wave to the MS “Hi there, Big Fellows ….." Hence the title of this dio.

The MS

For this dio I use 2 old Bandai kits from F-91 era, I try to give a military look to this diorama, so the point man RGM-109 was painted with Nato 3 tone colors from Tamiya and armed with a HK MP5 (robed from my son’s toy soldier), while the heavy Gunner (F71) have a RPG was later painted with OD and Dark green camo.


The camo painting was done by the aid of the plasticine in the sequence show in the photo above, after painting, weathering was done by using oil paint, and this also help to bland in the camo colors.

Minimal marking were applied on the MSs, as these are suppose to be some special Ops guy that work behind enemy line.

The Diorama

The base and built up with styrofoam, the land was layer of plaster, The tree and plum trees were taken from the scale model product for model housing project, lower ground vegetation was a mixture of static grass and green tea leaves, this was then colored with different shades of green of oil paint.

The River

I used paperclay to crate the shape of the river, the paperclay by itself is not be able to adhere well to the Styrofoam, so a layer of white glue was spread on the Styrofoam first before the paperclay pressed in shape, the river painted with oil paint, at first I want to do the brown water like the river is NAM , then I change my mind to green water.


It was painted with blue first, then follow with green paint brush on to the direction of water flow. Since the color of the paperclay is milky white, this action remove some to the paint on top (reverse to dry brush) and resulted in the desirable lighter color on top and tip of wave, hence gave depth.


Next, 2 layers of white glue was spread on top of the colored water. The white glue supposed to dry clear, but it dry slight opaque, to correct this,  a layer of FUTURE and Tamiya clear green was shoot on top of it and resolved the opaque issue. Final step is the dry brush some white on the tips of the wave and others desired location.


The Figures & LSSC Boat

The figures are actually 1/87 Preiser figure for HO scale railroad model, they were painted with Tamiya’s buff later wash with oil, the pig from tamiya 1/35 animal kit and the boat is a die cast toy ,don’t know the scale, I painted it with OD.

Although these are from different scale, but they doesn’t look too out of place too.


All in all, There is a lot of first time and a lot of FUN in this dio for me, a lot of new technique use  including the water technique, and I am very happy with the final result. Hope you like it too...