[Zvevda] Soviet Sniper team WW2

This Zvezda production kit number 3597 is a very welcomed and unique set of the Russian Sniper team of WW2 nostalgically produced and invoking memories of the wonderful Enemy of The Gates movie.

In 1:35th scale, this box comes with 4 soldiers in various pose including one decoy dummy. Very well animated, the set includes 1 female soldier in full camo with 3 other soldiers either in a prone or squating position. The decoy is a very nice touch and well proped depicted very nicely in its usual and wonderful box art. A decal of a signboard is also included which unfortunately I cannot translate with my limited knowledge of the Russian language.


In a single sprue, all the figures are neatly packed together in a plastic bag with the decal sheet though strangely, some yellowing is beginning to show. The instruction sheet is just adequate with colour reference to Model Master paint codes, so some cross reference will be needed for other brands.


The quality of the moulding is well detailed and crafted in most parts though some minor hairline grooves are evident in the torso pieces. There is also some missing details especially at the shoe department which can be enhanced with some stretched sprue for the laces if using the box cover art as a guide.


The facial sculpt is adequate and should do nicely with detailed painting while the Mosin sniper rifles , SVT-40 and PPSH-41 is provided in the set. Though not as detailed as Dragon's Gen2 set, it is still adequate and can quickly be assembled with some minor putty works in the joins. The figures are divided in the usual head, torso, hands and 2 lower body sections


A highly recommended set given its uniqueness and will make a very good diorama.