[MiniArt] Roman Legionary 1AD

The Roman Legionary 1AD kit is the 5th kit in MiniArt's 1:16 scale historic figure set. A comprehensive range was brought in by HHQ recently and quickly dissappeared from the shelves.

Packed in a well rendered box, giving a hint of the kit inside and also some previews of the other kits in the series on the sides, you will find a colouring guide, 2 light grey sprues with 36 parts; one for the main body parts, and the other for the shield, sword and helmet, a bonus round base and a decal sheet to dress the shield.


The decals are produced in typical miniArt style which will probably need some coaxing to adhere well with the kit. You may wish to trim the carrier film as they are following the line of the shield and not the artwork.


A good comparative colour chart is provided for Model Master, Tamiya, Hombrol and Revell codes, so in the interest of accuracy, this may not be so important as it rightly ought to be for equipment of the era.

The sculpt of the figure and body gear is rather good and detailed, though some consistent sharpness seemed to be missing especialy at the armor rivets. The sword sheath is also missing some details and the kit part is somewhat simplified compared to the illustration.


Given the size of the 16 scale kit, it is no surprise that all the body limbs and parts are molded in halves, requiring a little more care than usual. Some light flash is evident which can be easily cleaned with a flick of a knife.


Overall, this kit represents good value for money retailing at RM55.90 at HHQ and can be quickly put together with a little care. Recommended.