Revell Bismarck (1:350)

The Revell 1:350 Bismarck came out with a fanfare of anticipation recently. This is a quick sneak peek into what is in the box and a follow up review will also be made on Tamiya's 30 year old offering of the same.

Packed into a rather large box, it became only too obvious why it is so. This new tooled kit is well executed with a single piece hull and a rather unconventional join along the length of the ship for the lower hull.

The box artwork is well rendered and the side photo is the usual Revell way of offering a quick look into what's in the kit


The mold of the Mahogany planking is well done with recessed and break lines which is an improvement over the usual raised panel offering.


The lower hull parts breakdown is rather curious with the propeller shaft retaining parts separated to facilitate a probably mold technology limitation.


It does however adds to a lot of realism and will pay off. The level of detail is also evident up to the mid lower hull.

A quick run through of the sprues quickly reveals a wealth of details including the addition of clear parts for the signal lights and airplane canopies.


A good length of railings is provided in the kit to those who will not adventure into adding photoetched parts. Though a bit oversized, the construction is symphathetic to those who will add the PE and can be a good guide for shaping the curved rails.


Overall the kit does not dissapoint though a bit of flash is however evident on the gun barrels and you start to wonder when we will start to see slide molding in these 350 scale kits to give you a perfect plastic barrel.


The sprue breakdown is not obvious to the different major construction steps and ship areas, but it does seem that the lineup is ready for the Tripitz kit in the future as there are additional parts not used in this kit especially for the AA guns which fits the sistership. The details of the signal lights, flaks, turret rivets, upper hull, deckwork and radar is gorgeous. Even the anchor chains and pulleys are well detailed and not molded onto the hull. 


The details on the lifeboats, and Arado planes  are also very well executed.


The instruction sheet offers you a quick history lesson and a technical data sheet which will come in useful to introduce to you to the Bismarck. Perhaps the only dissapointing part of the kit is the absence of the swastika either on the flag or on the main hull. That aside, the decal sheet on a whole is really good down for different timeline marking for Baltic Sea 1940 and Atlantic 1941. The nameplate fonts in classical German gothic lends a touch of class to complete the kit. 


The next few pictures sums up the detail of this new kit.


Many thank to Hobby HQ in Kuala Lumpur for donating us the review kit. This is a must buy kit for those who are interested in battleships and will be a great introduction to those who wants to get started.

A quick cursory fit on the main hull parts found no major problems.

Very highly recommended